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The first draft of the Virtual Exchange scheme has been published, which attempts to solve the problem of Pi trading with 200 kinds of legal currencies. It will set up thousands of outlets all over the world. All senior miners can become the shopkeepers of the exchange outlets. This is an important business opportunity. Please participate and support. Twitter pi_ VCE,, in the process of soliciting opinions on the scheme. Pi username:yymm8899



High-speed Railways add Super Cities Network Plan




Pi 的第二白皮书——未来和发展

Pi's Second White Paper

—Future and Development


This is a study that began with the U.S. financial crisis in 2008. In 2016, when Trump won the US presidential election, in order to meet Trump's biggest campaign commitment, our team specially designed a plan for Trump to start large-scale infrastructure construction, which is the US High-speed Railways add Super Cities Network Plan (or HRSCNP).

During Trump's tenure, the team sent more than 100 letters to President Trump on the research results and details, and received President Trump's personal reply twice. The results point out that the world has entered the era of high-speed railway, and the biggest constraint on the American economy is the speed of mass transportation. If the United States has a high-speed railway network five times faster than the automobile era, the U.S. economy will develop at a new high speed, and three more United States will be added in the next 30 years.

Since 2019, after more than two years of observation, the team believes that as a new star of cryptocurrency, Pi can become the best partner and best cooperation mode of this huge infrastructure construction project in the United States. Therefore, the author launched a cooperation plan on Christmas 2021 to let Pi investors from all over the world introduced sufficient funds for the plan to promote the United States into a new great construction era.

Launch a cooperation plan to make the best cryptocurrency cooperate perfectly with the best construction project - American high-speed railway,


Welcome great American politicians, investors, experts, scholars and high-tech elites to cooperate and take action to form a huge team to start the preliminary preparation of this project. Monopolizing this huge project not only finds a huge application market for Pi, but also makes a historic contribution to America.


Wisdom is the father of wealth and project is the mother of wealth. The wealth created by American high-speed railway will exceed everyone's imagination.

Pi Virtual Currency Exchange(VCE)

Pi 虚拟货币交易所



1. 一个卖家被无数买家包围。

2. Pi 由供大于求转变成供不应求。

The world's first Virtual Currency Exchange(VCE) is one of the above achievements. Pi's biggest advantage is to develop customers first. It has developed 30 million customers, but all the customers are Pi's sellers. It is difficult for 10 sellers in the market to find one buyer, which may lead to imbalance in sales and lower prices.

This kind of Virtual Currency Exchange will would completely change this situation. As a result,

1. One seller be surrounded by countless buyers.

2. Change Pi from supply exceeds demand to demand exceeds supply.



The buyers here are not consumers but speculators or investors. Speculation or investment is the biggest upward driving force in the capital market.

The VCE affects the investor around the miners. They know that Pi can buy or sell at any time and participate in the attempt when they believe that the holding risk is controllable. Since then, the demonstration of profit-making effect has expanded rapidly and evolved into a global speculating.


The participation of investors wouild increase the number of Pi players dozens of times. Because they do not mine, it is no need to increase the supply of Pi. In other words, this is a way to expand participants without increasing the number of Pi. This wealth model would also turn half of the miners into investors. As a result, the price of Pi would increase hundreds of times.



The cost of initial development of Pi is very expensive. This period not only provides 20 billion Pi, but also takes 3 years. However, the VCE only needs 10% of the time and zero cost to develop investors, relying only on the profit-making effect of the market can spontaneously form a large group.


If Pi is regarded as a big play, its protagonist in the first half is Pi's seller and the protagonist in the second half is Pi's buyer.


There are at least 60 million investors near the 30 million miners. Now it is the key task that how to attract them to go up to the stage and perform.


Only when sufficient buyers and sufficient sellers exist at the same time, it is a mature market.


If you agree with this view, please like and forward it. If you want to get close to the team, please fill yymm8899 in your Pi invite column.


Pi的第二白皮书 ——未来和发展


Pi Username: yymm8899 Twitter: Pi_VCE


摘要: 作为加密货币新星,Pi的特点是开放和创新。这个特点使得Pi能够获得最好的策略取得最大的成功。在Pi上市之前,本文再加一把火,使得创新再上一层楼。其策略一是设立遍布全球,无处不在的虚拟货币交易所,解决加密货币和数百只各国法币交易这个最大难题,实现最有意义的跨越。二是设置长期自动调节的储蓄利率系统,让Pi成为最具竞争力的世界储备货币。三是垄断美国最大的建设项目,使得Pi在短期内迅速获得数万亿美元的应用市场。确立其世界第二货币地位。肩负历史使命,做出巨大贡献。作者欢迎全世界投资者和软件天才一起设计这个虚拟交易所软件模块,欢迎美国伟大的政治家参与借助于Pi启动美国最大建设项目的各种活动,欢迎普通民众将作者网名yymm8899加在Pi推荐人栏目共同探讨。

第一章 引言




1.1. 遍布世界的虚拟货币交易所。

1.2. 长期的自动调节利率的系统。

1.3. 垄断一个巨大的建设项目。


第二章 现有加密货币交易所的缺点


2.1. 币种少,速度慢,费用高。


2.2. 风险大。




2.3. 无法保护隐私。


2.4. 昂贵的入门费和年费。


2.5 无法承受巨量Pi的冲击


第三章 Pi需要何种交易所













第四章 设立Pi虚拟货币交易所



4.1. 众创众用。


4.2. 设立门槛。


4.3. 标准合约。


4.4. 双向选择


4.5. 交易程序灵活简单。


4.6. 使用本地通讯工具.


4.7. 提供特色服务。


4.8. 交易所账户和收取佣金的账户分开设立。


4.9. 交易所佣金三年内免收.


4.10. 争议与仲裁。


4.11. 信用管理。


4.12. 开放式发展。



第五章 利率长期自动调节系统

























5.3. VCE将带来许多投资者

5.3.1. 在矿工周围吸引潜在投资者。


5.3.2. 把矿工变成投资者。


5.3.3. 买方市场变成卖方市场。


5.3.4. 市场开发时间将大大缩短。


5.4. 储蓄+交易所=天文数字资金。





第六章 垄断一个巨型建设项目,为Pi找到一个巨大的应用市场




美国高速铁路+超级城市网计划High-speed Railways add Super Cities Network Plan (or HRSCNP)。 要点是:










2018年1月21日,团队的第二篇论文《Conception of American Infrastructure Construction Eight-Year Plan》在国际教育和管理科学学术会议上发表。如图3.

图3.研究团队在第三届教育与管理科学国际学术会议(ICEMS 2018)发表论文







图4. 新闻报道1

图5. 新闻报道 2


6.1. 建立美国基础设施建设管理大学.


6.2. 开展学术研究,线路规划,投资融资,巡回演讲;

6.3. 建立各个先导性产业;

6.4. 未来联邦政府政策创新机构的模拟和预演。


6.5. 准备时间4年







第七章 为什么只能选择高速铁路项目






第八章 美国政策创新的思路和背景






第九章 谁是第二个富兰克林



第十章 展 望










Governance – Currency for and by the people。


High-speed Railway for and by the people.


第十一章 历史潮流和历史机会





第十二章 风险评估


第十三章 关于作者




第十四章 结 论




[2] Chen-xi Wang, Jian-qiang Wang, Jian-guo Wang, “Conception of American Infrastructure Construction Eight-Year Plan”, 3rd International Conference on Education and Management Science (ICEMS 2018), Jan. 2018, pp269-274;

[3] Chenxi Wang, Jianqiang Wang, Jianguo Wang, “Developed Countries' Economic Development Strategies-Take the United States as an Example”, International Conference on Management, Education and Social Science (ICEMSS 2017), June 2017, pp557-560;

[4] Zhong Jiwen, An Amazing Research Result on US Infrastructure, The Government only uses $250 Billion to drive $10 Trillion to Complete, The Research Team Will Give a Lecture Tour to Introduce the Result,, Spt. 5,2018.

English, See the website of Economics Journal

Pi’s Second White Paper

—Future and Development

HRSCNP Research Team

Pi Username: yymm8899 Twitter: Pi_VCE

Abstract: As a rising star of cryptocurrency, Pi is characterized by openness and innovation. This feature enables Pi to obtain the best strategy and achieve the greatest success. Now, before Mainnet, this paper adds another fire to make it up to a next level by innovation. The first strategy is seting up virtual currency exchanges all over the world,skillfully solving the problem about exchanging between Pi and hundreds of legal currencies to achieve the most meaningful leap. The second is to set up a long-term automatic savings interest rate system to make Pi the most competitive world reserve currency. The third is to monopolize the largest construction project in America, making Pi quickly obtain trillions of dollars of application market in a short term. Establish its status as the second currency in the world. Undertake the historical mission and make great contributions. The authors welcome investors and software geniuses all over the world to design this embedded wallet virtual exchange software module, and welcomes great American politicians to participate in various activities to start the largest construction project in America with the help of Pi. Ordinary people are also welcome to add the author's username yymm8899 to the Pi invitation column to discuss.

1. Introduction


How to make Pi exert the maximum energy?


1.1. Virtual Currency Exchanges all over the world.

1.2. Long term automatic adjustment system.

1.3. Monopolize a huge construction project.

If Pi can easily trade with hundreds of legal currencies in the world, it will lay the foundation for wide application. If it can keep prices strong, it will become a de facto reserve currency. If it can find a huge application market, it will become an unshakable behemoth. Among these three problems, the first to be solved is the transaction between Pi and many legal currencies.

2. Disadvantages of existing cryptocurrency exchanges

At present, there are only a few cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, such as HUOBI and BINANCE. Although many users are eager for Pi to enter these exchanges as soon as possible, in fact, this is not the best choice. The reasons are as follows:

2.1. Few currencies, slow speed and high cost.

Only a few currencies such as US dollar and Euro can be exchanged in these exchanges. The currency exchanged cannot arrive in real time. For more than 200 kinds of legal currency users around the world, they have to exchange dollars into local legal currency again after they get it in the exchanges. It is not only expensive, time-consuming, but also extremely inconvenient. Especially for those countries with serious inflation, such as Venezuela and Zimbabwe, sometimes they are eager to change their legal currency into US dollars in order to preserve value, sometimes they need to change it into legal currency as soon as possible in order to pay. this transaction frequency is very high. These exchanges cannot meet this demand.

2.2. High risk.

Cryptocurrency may be stolen, and the exchange may close down.

A bigger problem is that the above-mentioned exchanges adopt Trusteeship system. The customer's cryptocurrency and legal currency must be deposited in the exchanges. This is actually a huge risk. There have been many cases of cryptocurrency theft in the past, even resulting in the closure of the exchange and the loss of customers' funds. Now, no matter what guarantee the exchange makes, the risk of theft and bankruptcy cannot be ruled out.

We should like to ask when the total value of Pi is more than total currency of a midsize country, which exchange can ensure the safety of these money?

2.3. Unable to protect privacy.

The biggest advantage of cryptocurrency is to protect privacy. However, the money flowing and customer information of the above exchanges are public. It cannot guarantee that this privacy will not be disclosed.

2.4. Expensive initial fees and annual fees.

In addition, the exchanges also charge a high initial fees and annual fees for each cryptocurrency applied for listing. This is too unfair for Pi who does not ask the public for a penny.

2.5. Unable to withstand the impact of a large amount of Pi.

The total amount of Pi would soon reach the total amount of currencies of a medium-sized country, which was more than the total amount of all other cryptocurrencies. The existing exchanges are unable to take on a new members of this size

3. What kind of exchange does Pi need?

So, is there any exchange with the following advantages?

3.1. All weather, multi-currency, real-time arrival.

It can be freely exchanged with the currencies of 200 countries in the world.

3.2. Good of security.

The users are no need to open an account; customer funds and cryptocurrency do not need to be stored in the exchanges, and these funds and cryptocurrency will never be stolen in the exchanges. The exchanges will not close down forever.

3.3. User privacy will not be disclosed.

3.4. Many trading outlets.

Trading outlets are all over the world, special services can be customized, trading commissions are very low, and assistance in various languages is available. There are more trading outlets than the total number of bank outlets all over the world.

3.5. No initial fee and annual fee.

3.6. The exchange could make itself invisible.

This is very important in even dangerous environment.

Is there such an exchange? The answer is yes. Here, the authors of this paper use all his experience of tens of years want to push Pi to a new peak of history.

4. Establishment of Pi Virtual Currency Exchange

Pi Virtual Currency Exchange(or VCE)can solve this problem conveniently and quickly. In this way, Pi gets rid of its dependence on exchange platforms such as HUOBI and BINANCE, and makes Pi enter a free world, and like an inland river being suddenly connected with sea.

VCE is a module embedded in wallet. The rules are as follows:

4.1. For and by the people.

All Pi miner can apply to establish a VCE, and his VCE is named as the user’s name.

4.2 Set threshold.

The threshold for opening VCE is to hold more than 2000Pi and mining for more than 2 years. For special language or dialect areas, the threshold is moderately reduced.

4.3. Standard contract.

Set up standard transaction contracts between Pi and various global legal currencies. Set the function of delayed payment.

4.4. Two-way selection.

The Buyer and the Seller select VCE according to its credit record, and VCE also can select them.

4.5. The procedure is flexible and simple.

The exchanging process shall be supervised by VCE. Firstly, the seller of Pi sends his Pi to the VCE for temporary storage, the maximum temporary storage time is 7 days. After the buyer pays legal currency and the seller confirms it, the VCE transfers the Pi to the buyer soon. If the buyer does not pay, the VCE will return the Pi to the seller. Under normal circumstances, the transactions between the trading parties are carried out automatically and real time arrival under mutual restriction and mutual supervision without the intervention by the VCE. In case of any dispute, the VCE must investigate the evidence such as transaction screenshots, videos and electronic bills, and make a ruling within 7 days.

4.6. Use local communication tools.

Embed or borrow various local communication tools such as telephone, mobile phone and chat tools as auxiliary tools.

4.7. Provide special services.

Users in any region can find the most suitable VCE familiar with the local environment. According to the needs of users, the VCE can provide manual auxiliary services in various languages.

4.8. VCE account and the commission account must be established separately.

There are only two processing methods for Pi in the VCE: paying to the payee or returning to the payer. It cannot be transferred to the third account.

4.9. The commission of the VCE shall be exempted for 3 years.

It shall be paid to VCE by the system from newly issued Pi.

4.10. Disputes and arbitration.

In case of any objection to the exchange, it shall be submitted to Pi core team for arbitration.

4.11. Credit management.

The credit of the VCE shall be evaluated by the buyer and the seller, which will increase or decrease the credit points. The core team has the right to disqualify the VCE with serious violations.

4.12. Open development.

Develop auxiliary modules to help VCE realize fast, efficient, safe and convenient trading.

Under the above transaction mode, in the future, VCE outlets will spread all over the world,and human beings can do it: Pi in hand, go everywhere.

5. Long term automatic interest rate adjustment system

Look at Bitcoin first. Its price is always soaring and plummeting. This feature makes it impossibly being applied in mainstream market on a large scale. Pi must overcome this shortcoming.

5.1. Three kinds of interest rate regulation in three development stages.

The locking + reward system in the initial stage of Pi ensures the stability of the initial market. This is not only necessary, but also effective. However, because the cost is too high, it can only be implemented in the short term.

Three years later, it is still necessary to stabilize the market, so Pi should have an interest rate tool. Considering that it cannot intervene after Mainnet, this problem must be solved now.

In order to accurately set this interest rate, the growth of Pi is divided into three stages:

The first stage is the issuance period, which is about 3 years. Its main task is to prevent large-scale selling.

The second stage is the transition period, which lasts about 10 years. Derivative business began to sprout and develop.

The third stage is the stabilization period, about 10 years later. It is a long-term indicator of interest rate.

In the first stage of currency issuance, the system had taken appropriate countermeasures.

In the transition period of the second stage, sharp ups and downs often occur. In order to protect market stability, higher interest rates and strong adjusting are needed. The basic interest rate should be about 2-5% higher than that of commercial banks. For example, set a one-year period of 6% as the base interest rate; A group of basic interest rates, such as 2% for more than 15 days, 3% for more than one month, 4% for more than six months, 6% for more than one year, 8% for more than three years and 10% for more than five years. 12% over 20 years.

In case of sharp rise and fall, the system starts the adjusting mechanism.

Although cryptocurrency is decentralized, and it is impossible to intervene the system artificially, the system can judge the rise and fall of the market through the algorithm.

In the third stage, after 13 years, Pi entered a stable period. At this time, the basic interest rate should reference the European Central Bank and Federal Reserve. Too high interest rate is not conducive to commercial banks, and too low will reduce the competitiveness of Pi. Therefore, the interest rate should be 1-2 % higher than the central bank's interest rate.

At that time, this adjustment mechanism will continue to play a role.

5.2. The Pi block needs to preset some functions.

The user locks in Pi as savings to get interest, which is different from the initial locking. One of its characteristics is that there is no quantitative limit; the other is interest income has nothing to do with mining. It also has the following features:

5.2.1. The source of savings interest is the newly issued Pi.

5.2.2. Users can handle savings through wallet.

The wallet sends an instruction to lock the Pi. These Pi ask for interest during the locking period and send the interest to the wallet.

5.2.3. With this automatic savings function, the wallet becomes a bank.

5.2.4. Preset function on the block.

To realize the above functions, these functions should be preset on the block before Mainnet: 1) accept the locking command; 2) Ask for specified interest; 3) Send the interest to the wallet; 4) The system presets basic interest rate and automatic interest rate adjustment procedures.

5.2.5. Other settings.

In addition, if Pi tries to become the operating currency of commercial banks, the block of Pi also needs to set up mortgage and pledge functions.

5.3. VCE would bring about a number of investors

5.3.1. Bring about potential investors around the miners.

The biggest advantage of Pi's business model is to develop the user group in advance: miners. At present, 30 million users have developed and 20 billion Pi have paid. However, these customers are all Pi sellers, no buyers. When VCE come on, these miners naturally spread the news. Convenient trading and risk reduction make these potential investors around the miners become real investors. Its number may reach several times than the total number of miners, estimated at least about 60 million.

5.3.2. Turning miners into investors.

Half of the miners are with some investment experience. When VCE come on, the risk reduction and profit effect would turn them from seller into buyers. This would be 15 million.

5.3.3. The buyer's market becomes the seller's market.

When VCE come on, the market would become: 15 million sellers < 75 million buyers.

5.3.4. The development time of the market would be greatly shortened.

It usually takes more than 3 years to develop a huge market. However, the large number of investors here would shorten this period to 3 months.

5.4. Savings + VCE = Huge Funds.

Higher savings income and convenient trading methods make Pi a good reserve currency. Depositors in various countries scramble to convert legal currency into Pi for savings. This brings huge funds to Pi.

Pi is an open platform. The authors of this paper welcomes software elites and angel investors all over the world to jointly develop this module and build this financial exchange with thousands of outlets all over the world. Help Pi grow rapidly and make it quickly reach the total currency of a medium-sized country.

The next ten years will be a period of rapid development of Pi. The supply of funds brought by Pi will greatly exceed the demand. This seems like a good thing, but indeed it is not. The serious imbalance between supply and demand in financial markets may lead to an unpredictable major disaster that difficult to deal with.

So, how can find such a huge demand? This is a major strategy.

6. Monopolize a huge construction project and win a huge application market

As all known, America is called a country floating on the wheels of cars. It means advanced 100 years ago, but means backward now. Because mankind has entered the era of high-speed railway. The speed of mass transportation lags behind other countries by five times, which seriously limits the economic development of America.

If America has such a high-speed railway, it can develop at an average annual growth rate of 5%, and three more United States can be added in 30 years. If not, it can only linger in place, and there would be 2-3 major economic crises. It can be said that the existence of the high-speed railway determines the future destiny of America.

In 2016, Trump became America president and vowed to start American infrastructure construction. At the same time, the authors designed a complete set of schemes for him, which is

The High-speed Railways add Super Cities Network Plan (or HRSCNP). The key point is:

The economy of developed countries is saturated, so it can only develop at a low speed. If want to improve the development speed, it must break this saturation state by the way of policy innovation. The government's adoption of policy innovation can enable the economy to achieve an unprecedented high speed.

It needs the president personally promote to change the high-speed railway into a profitable project by means of policy innovation and introduction of advanced management technology. Reduce the construction cost by about 20 times and turn the loss-making project into a profit-making project, to get trillions of dollars in private investment.

The federal government spent only hundreds of billions of dollars to drive $10 trillion private investment to build a 20000 km high-speed railway trunk network and eight modern super cities along the line in eight years, drive the construction of high-speed railway branches and other infrastructure, and promote America into a great era of infrastructure construction. Create decisive conditions for the American economy to grow at a high speed of 5-7% in the next 30 years, and create three more United States in the next 30 years.

It would deliver more than 10 million jobs, create several trillion dollars of tax, double the social wealth and economic growth, and make America enter a period of drastically reducing debt for the first time and also enter a new era of the traffic revolution marked by time, speed and efficiency.

After receiving this proposal, President Trump enthusiastically personally replied and highly praised to the authors. As shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 President Trump replied

to the authors on August 8, 2017

Since then, the authors have sent more than 100 letters to further analyze the plan.

At the end of 2017, the first Christmas of Trump's presidency. At this time, Trump fulfilled a series of campaign promises, such as tax cuts and border walls, and began to fulfill the most difficult promise: infrastructure. At this time, the White House made a bill to invest 1.8 trillion, which was later revised to 1.5 trillion. The bill requires 80% state funding and 20% federal funding. At this time, the authors' second paper is also completed at this most critical moment, which only needed the federal government invested $250 billion to build the American high-speed railway network.

This HRSCNP [3] above motioned was as a new year gift for president Trump in 2018.

Figure 2 A new year gift to America and President Trump

On January 21, 2018, the second paper of the HRSCNP research team, Concept of American Infrastructure Construction Eight-year Plan, was published at the Third International Conference on Education and Management Science (ICEMS 2018). As shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3. HRSCNPresearch team presented papers

In February 2018, President Trump convened state governors to solicit opinions on the White House infrastructure bill, but the result was not optimistic.

At 9:00 US time on March, 2018, the authors wrote to Trump again. In view of the fund problem of this large project, the authors expressed that he can personally solve the fund problem and realize the conception. This letter was sent to President Trump by email. After a few minutes, President Trump replied to the authors soon. This makes the authors feel great glory.

Afterwards, through the public news. At this moment, President Trump was dealing with an international event. At that time, the Deputy Foreign Minister of South Korea was in the White House. She hesitated to tell Trump something. So, she muttering to herself that the supreme leader of the North Korea wanted to meet President Trump. Trump overheard this remark and immediately replied loudly: Agree to meet! This is Trump, who responds quickly and makes decisive decisions.

As all know, the America president met with the supreme leader of North Korea. This was a world event.

Four years passed, it's Christmas again. Now the authors have another new year gift, but who should be this gift for?

On September 5, 2018, dozens of famous media in America reported these research results. Figure 3, Figure 4.

Figure 4 News report 1

Figure 5 News report 2

Before Trump left office, the author specially made a preliminary preparation plan for Trump to start the high-speed railway project, and suggested him to implement it personally after leaving office:

6.1. Establish the American University of Infrastructure Construction Management.

Which is divided into two campuses, one in America and the other in China, to obtain the world's most advanced engineering management and technical talents.

6.2. Carry out scientific research, high-speed railway trunk network planning, investment and financing, and lecture tour.

6.3. Establish various leading industries.

Raised investment funds for the leading industries.

6.4. Simulation and rehearsal of future federal government policy innovation.

This simulation is not fiction. A series of policy ideas created by it may become a reality with the approval of the winning president in 2024.

6.5. The preparation time is 4 years.

Within four years, 100 million investors will be mobilized, and each person can invest $100 in the initial stage and $10000 in the later stage. The initial capital is $10 billion and the latter is $1 trillion. This capital will give priority to controlling the best industries of this project.

Although the plan encountered difficulties, the story did not end yet. Social conditions remain unchanged.

The two houses of Congress, the two Parties and the American people have reached an unprecedented consensus on infrastructure construction.

Maybe God arranged, Pi appear in America in time. The huge funds brought by Pi needs a huge application market, and this project also needs huge funds.

America has no reason to reject such a large interest, and Pi has no reason to reject such a large market.

This is an opportunity and a coincidence. This project brings hope to America, and Pi makes this dream come true.

7. Why only choose high-speed railway?

Pi's partners only choose this project rather than the whole infrastructure, the reasons are:

1. Concentrate resources in one area to facilitate management and control.

2. High speed railway is the key condition for the future economy.

3. The order of infrastructure construction in America must be high-speed railway first. The wrong order will inevitably lead to strategic failure.

4. High speed railway contains the best leading industry.

8. The idea and background of American policy innovation

At the same time that Trump won the presidential election in 2016, proposals for the planning of the high-speed railway trunk network began to be written by the authors. In fact, this is not a new research topic. As early as 2009, the authors specially made many countermeasures for the economic crisis, infrastructure is only one of them, and another content is a big strategy for the old industrial area of Detroit. So far, the authors still feels that the big strategy is very effective. At that time, the authors sent the proposal to President Obama through various ways, the first was to mail it directly to his official address, and the second to ask a congressmanthe of Democratic Party during Beijing Tourism to carry it back to Obama. The third to ask American real estate enterprises coming to Beijing exhibition to carry it back to Obama.

President Obama did not reply. The authors are very sad. Based on his work experience in previous decades, the authors believes that Obama had no reason to refuse. The reason why the authors is sad is not that he was despised by Obama, but that America lost a very important demonstration opportunity to turn this old industrial zone into a new industrial zone, causing irreparable losses to the return of manufacturing industry. This forced the later president Trump to vigorously promote the return of manufacturing industry, which paid a great price.

One of the most frequent words in the above proposal to President Trump is policy innovation. The president implements a series of new policies instead of increasing national debt, and completes this huge project with little investment by the federal government.

So, what are the contents of these policy innovations? Unfortunately, I can't answer now because it still needs to be kept confidential. It is America's future wealth.

It can be disclosed that the authors' way of thinking is very similar to the Pi core team, so the authors is very keen on Pi.

9. Who is the second Franklin?

200 years ago, the great founding fathers of America made great contributions to the establishment of America. Today, under the complex world economic situation, America has obviously hovered and declined. Of course, this situation cannot continue, because one or several other great founding fathers will start a second business in America now and future. People may be able to guess the name of a president who can lead America to more powerful, but they may not be able to guess the contributors who have made great contributions but do not have the presidency, which would be the second Benjamin Franklin.

If Pi can be perfectly combined with the high-speed railway trunk network project, the second Benjamin Franklin would come from Pi's core team.

10. Prospect

Although we cannot predict the results of the US presidential election in 2024, it is certain that the winner will strive to open a great era of American infrastructure construction. What we need to do is to provide the new president with strong financial support and necessary preliminary preparations, so that he has the confidence and ability to lead the project and make America enter a great era of construction.

Firmly believe that both houses of Congress, both parties and American people support this plan, because it is the best choice indeed.

In this way, Pi will become a cryptocurrency that monopolizes all aspects of investment, trade and services in the largest project of high-speed railway construction, such as industrial investment, scientific research and education, commercial trade, life services, security etc.

The large capital demand of this project just matches the large capital supply forming perfect cooperation.

Its achievements are not only profits, but also contributions to American history. This means binding the future of Pi with the interests of America.

At this time, a spectacular scene appeared. Pi become a huge water pump. It extracts funds from 200 countries in the world and transported it to the huge project of America.

Three years later, in 2024, when Pi completes the preliminary preparation of the high-speed railway trunk network, there may be more than 100 million investors from Pi. For their own interests and dreams, investors may support a presidential candidate who is enthusiastic about infrastructure. This great plan may be smoothly implemented with the support of the new president.

With the help of Pi, hundreds of millions of people from the world inadvertently would become American investors to participate in a great project to make America to be a giant again.

Note that the Pi White Paper has such a sentence:

Governance – currency for and by the people.

This also applies to this construction project:

High-speed railway for and by the people.

This is a big play. Pi is its first half and the high-speed railway is its second half.

11. Historical trends and opportunities

The modernization of mass transportation in America is an irresistible historical trend. Those who go along with it will thrive and those who resist it will perish.

High speed railway trunk network is the biggest demand and most difficult problem accumulated in America over the past century. The emergence of Pi provides a key to solve this problem. It must be the greatest political and economic interest of America.

Politicians and investors with a keen sense of smell will not miss this once-in-a-century opportunity.

Welcome great American politicians, investors, experts, scholars and high-tech elites to cooperate and take action to form a huge team to start the preliminary preparation of this project. Monopolizing this huge project not only finds a huge application market for Pi, but also makes a historic contribution to America.

For this great action, suggest all sectors of society to form America high-speed railway construction cooperation committee. This committee is a non-governmental organization. It is a core organization linked by Pi and jointly established by American politicians, social activists, entrepreneurs, experts and scholars to gather all social forces to promote America into a great construction era. The details will be discussed separately.

12. Risk assessment

The biggest risk of Pi's cooperation with the project is that the 2024 winning president opposes the project. Just ask, if he would oppose the project, why will the 100 million investors and their American relatives and friends vote for him?

13. About the authors

The author is a senior economist of the former Beijing Planning Commission, good at forward-thinking and Sharp judgment. In 2001, after China won the right to host the 29th Olympic Games, the authors put forward the proposal of "Olympic Economic Activities", which was personally selected by the Chairman of China People's Political Consultative Conference. As a result, China set off six-year economic activities throughout the country and shocked the world. From 2016 to 2020, the authors specially designed the U.S. high-speed railway + super city network planning for then U.S. President trump, which was supported and praised by President Trump's two personal replies. The research results were published at international academic conferences in 2016 and 2017.[2],[3]

30 years ago, after three years of continuous efforts, the authors' proposal for the establishment of Beijing Stock Exchange was adopted by the Beijing government. In August 1993, it was drafted by the authors and applied in the name of Beijing Planning Commission. The Beijing Government approved the establishment of Beijing Stock Exchange Center. The authors are the director of the Preparatory Office. This Stock Exchange was established by the authors through negotiation with Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange. This is the first Stock Exchange in Beijing's history.

After decades of research, the authors have a deep understanding of social investment psychology and strongly feels that Pi's design is deep in the essentials of the market. So, participated in this legend and added VCE wings to the God of War.

14. Conclusion

Virtual Currency Exchange will create a new era of cryptocurrency. Pi's participation in the construction of high-speed railway in America will be great success. If you agree with this paper, please forward it in original text. For more details, please add the username: yymm8899 to your Pi invitation column. Here the author is interested in discussing new ideas with you.

15. References


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